Monday, December 17, 2007

Lets do lunch.

We had lunch this weekend with dear people.
So dear in fact that when we called at the last minute to change our dinner plans to lunch plans they happily adjusted.
We had requested the time change because Ferris was rolling in from his last final of the semester Saturday evening. A sophomore still needs to be coddled after his finals are over. So we needed to be home... to coddle.

On the ride home from our delicious lunch with delightful company - we realized just how nice it is to be heading home before dark on a cold winter day.
Summers are meant for long, lingering nights on the patio over cool cocktails. Winter seems well suited for lunch mimosa's and afternoon chatter.

I think we may be starting a new seasonal shift in our social schedule.


maxine said...

I'm down with the new schedule and will arrange my CT days accordingly.

SassyFemme said...

We loved having you and your lovely wife up, no matter what the time. But, you are right (of course) about winter vs. summer. You did miss the holiday light drive later that night, though. We meandered about the towns, checking out various light displays.

João Sousa said...
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clammy said...

I think it means you've reached middle age. Not that it's a bad thing :)