Friday, December 21, 2007



Are you wrapping gifts this holiday season?
Will your significant other person be wrapping them with you?

Here are some tips for just such an occasion:

  • set the mood,
    - put on some happy holiday music
    - start a fire*
    - pour a glass of something you love - wine, a cold lager, eggnog...

  • create some space
    - clear off the kitchen or dining table
    - use the chairs to hold unwrapped gifts or supplies

    and most importantly
  • duplicate your wrapping supplies,
    this will make for a truly harmonious wrapping experience.
    - 2 pairs of scissors
    - 2 rolls of tape

*for safety weese suggests only starting fires if you have a fireplace or wood burning stove.


WordsRock said...

We prefer to wrap on the living room floor. That way the pups can get in on the action too! :)

Happy holidays, my friend. Be safe!

sporksforall said...

The fire tip is certainly one of your most useful ones. :)

Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

You mean starting a fire made from leftover paper and tape under the partner who won't share her scissors is not a good idea? Huh.

eb said...

I think you should have 4 pairs of scissors and 4 rolls of tape, that way, when a pair of scissors and a roll or two of tape disappear (even though they're right in front of your face) you'll have a extras!

Maria said...

The duplicate thing would be essential. It would also be helpful if Bing would help wrap, which she doesn't....not that I am bitter or anything.

Really. I'll just make a little sign and tape it to her back when I hug her.

maxine said...

A green tip I gleaned from my annoying Honda enewsletter...

Put all used holiday wrappings in a lawn and leaf bag and store for use as packing material for any items shipped in the coming year.

I think I like that one but it will require eb approval.

Happies of holidays to you and yours.

drowning pisces said...

Oh crap!!! The tape!!!! thanks for the tips (and reminder)

happy holidays!