Friday, September 04, 2009



Remember as the fall comes and we prepare for winter - don't store firewood in or near the house. This includes your garage and basement.
At this time of year the wood is teaming with insects and you certainly don't wan't to invite them in.

If you plan to buy wood for this winter season, now is a good time to do that. It gives you plenty of time to get it stacked and covered and will also give it a month or two more of seasoning if its not quite dry yet.


Anonymous said...

or.... gently clean off the remote to your gas fireplace, order propane and prepare to to click "on"

weese said...

see.. another reason to start packing.

LilliGirl said...

Weese, I've been remiss at dropping by...I read a weeks worth and love them all as always. (You need a follower button)

I hope your cop nursed you guys all back to health with the skill of a doctor.:)

Teresa said...

Damn, you know shit. We (currently) keep our firewood on the patio like a couple of dumb asses.

Val said...

or... to top Kitty Litter... you store the box of paper covered 'fake' logs next to the fireplace in the living room and just wait til it's cold enough to put one into the fireplace and that you have a lighter handy! :)

BONUS if there is a UCONN game playing above the fireplace!

e said...

Since my partner is in construction, we tend to burn lumber. Cut ends of 2x4's and other dimensional lumber. Burns well! Still, I stack it on the far side of the shed, under the eaves, raised up off the ground. I don't want bugs or rodents finding a home there.

Oh, and it's just for the outdoor fire pit. Inside we have an electric fire... very rustic, round here!