Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How Showtime broke my heart

Look - let's be frank here, most everything on television today is just awful.
C'mon - admit it.
Even if you are addicted to it. It’s bad.
I mean… some people are addicted to Big Macs, right? Well, this proves you can be addicted to crap.

That said - we have been pleased to find some clever, entertaining programming on the big cable networks. While it's not Emerson - it's not Dancing with the Stars or C.S.I. AnyTown.

Nurse Jackie has been a delight this year. I have enjoyed the last several seasons of Weeds, Dexter and of course the classics - Sopranos, 6 Feet Under.

Even though it had its critics, I have always been a staunch supporter of the LWord.
So many middle American lesbians complained that it was too far fetched and that these gorgeous women couldn't possibly represent our population. Which is of course exactly what I loved about the show.
It's why I watch television.
Think about it.. do you live next door to Tony Soprano, how about Nancy Botwin or how about Dexter Morgan (well I suppose that’s somewhat possible in a scary, freaky way).


It's TV people. Why watch real life on TV? If you want to watch real life, get the hell out of your armchair.

So... Showtime has now come out with a new show called The 'Real' LWord.
The show claims to be about 'real' lesbians living in Los Angeles.
I was skeptical - but hopeful. It is cable, after all.

So we watched last night.

Keeping in mind the things I loved about the original show -- which were its impossibly attractive cast, the outlandish predicaments they got themselves into, and the tangled web of sex, love and well....sex -- I am sorry to report that I can't even begin to critique this show.

It's simply overwhelming.

I will tell you this. We pressed 'Stop' followed by 'Delete' less than half way through the first show.

Could it be the universe telling me to get the hell out of my armchair?
I'll take that hint.


Anonymous said...

We don't have Showtime, and from everything I've read, we're not missing anything.


Anonymous said...

Perfect illustration of our decidion to cancel cable and better use our netflix subscription. Last night I began the Rockford Files, season 1 witrh the delightful and y o u n g Lindsay Wagner guest starring.



The Guy Who Writes This said...

What I find funny is how you rarely ever see people watching TV on TV. If anything was based in reality you would see people huddled by the blue glow for hours at a time.

Trop said...

I hated the first L Word. Not going to waste my time on this one.

Breaking Bad is a show you'd like... you would appreciate the lead character's meticulous nature. Unfortunately the season just ended (though it will be re-aired beginning next month).

KMae said...

Okay. I liked it. really did.
But then I DO love Big Macs.

e said...

I was never a big fan of the original. Much as I like seeing lovely ladies getting it on, it just didn't do anything for me. Probably because there were no butch women. Will we give this one a try? Not sure yet...

Syd said...

It made me embarrassed to be a lesbian. Cringe worthy.

eb said...

Why watch real life on TV? Don't you watch Animal Planet?

I think it's entirely possibly to find impossibly attractive women who look like dykes. But, we do live in a Patriarchy and in the Patriarchy, lesbian = Patriarchal approved straight women fucking. Otherwise, no TV funds for you.

No Damages? Glenn Close in a power suit. Yeow!

Do yourself a favor... rent Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren. A fantastic series about a completely real, middle age woman who actually gets laid and is surrounded by entirely real looking people in real settings. It can be done. And it can be done well.

Anonymous said...

With the new season of Weeds approaching, Showtime has me questioning my lack of premium cable. While the first 3.5 seasons of the show had me glued to my Netflix "watch instantly" account for a couple weeks, it's transformation into a Telemundo styled soap opera has me wondering if the show can be saved.

With very few exceptions, television programmers have proven they believe the American public prefers style over content. One of my favorite TV fantasies is the Fat Guy Hot Wife trend that has been happening ever since that lard ass Ralph Kramden appeared in our living rooms. From Doug Heffernen (King of Queens) to Peter Griffin (Family Guy), this flight into sci-fi is all over the place.

Gotta give credit to shows that didn't try to pull the veil of beauty over their audience. The 2 that come to mind first: Rosanne and All in the Family.


liz said...

I just watched the season finale of Nurse Jackie this week - what a fantastic show! "Hi, my name is Jackie and I'm a drug addict...Yeah right, blow me!"

I also really like Dexter but as good as those two Show Time programs are, I just can't bring myself to watch anything else Ms. Chaiken has conceived of.

The original L Word series jumped the shark after the third season and I regret having put the energy into watching the last three seasons.

I think it's unfortunate that shows like The Real L word are all we as lesbians have as representation of ourselves on television.