Tuesday, June 15, 2010

what would your super power be?

We were sitting around the table last night with Ferris and one of his friends enjoying a glass of Cabernet in the gloaming.
As often happens, the conversation drifted to what would you want your super power to be.

Ferris berated his friend, a petite flower of a girl - who thought being a fairy replete with pixie dust would be her choice. He said it was completely impractical.

Ferris wants to be able to turn his skin to steel - which he believes to be much more useful. Especially if say... there were zombies roaming around.
He also desires the ability to throw any object with precision accuracy and lethal force. Tho this he says is more of a practiced skill than an actual super power.

For my super power I chose a fast metabolism.



Anonymous said...

I want to be able to beam myself from our house to family members, no driving or flying necessary.

dykewife said...

oooo! i love your choice! if that ever comes up as conversation when i'm around i'm totally stealing it.

Anonymous said...

I want to be the kind of invisible where your clothes are too.

Trish said...

metabolism...what's that? ;-)

I think that IS a superpower!

tho there are times I'd like to be able to fly, or walk thru walls or see thru walls.

tho the dream I have is to be able to produce cash legal tender) everyday, so that I can leave it with folks who need it, especially in these difficult time. you know, a little extra to pay the mortgage this month, to pay someone's grocery bill when things are a little tight, to pay the mechanic off when the engine has died, to buy new tires for someone who just can't afford to do anything but retread just to get to work and back, put a down payment down for someone who can't get away from an abusive spouse because of $. that...would be a superpower.

zahava said...

Hmmmm.... me thinks this is not only a gender issue, but a generational one too!

I, too, would chose a fast metabolism. Now.

But. Back when I was still a petite flower of a girl the fairy/pixie dust thing wudda been my first choice. (and my recently post college boyfriend wudda thunk it similarly impractical for similar reasons!)

Tee, hee! :-)