Friday, September 17, 2010



Let's just say you have a friend you haven't talked to in a month or so - and you decide to give a call and check in. First - if a relative answers the phone you may want to brace yourself.
If your conversation goes like this:

"Oh hi Kathy (cousin)"

some polite small talk...then stream of consciousness:
"I take care of two little baby girls. I'm hoping to keep their dreams on! We're in the process of making baby burrows to keep them warm. I have enough yarn; I've measured. Little bowl of catholic babies. I'm going to get some strips of furniture and cut them (I don't know how good they will be) but they will keep the babies bottom warm! Let's see how the rumpled-strumpskin in little black boxes are gonna look like! I don't know how this is gonna progress, but we're gonna give it a shot!"

Just roll with it.

Oh and also - if you have been told that your dear friend has terminal cancer is and is currently in a hospice program. You might want to rethink writing 'hope you get well soon' on the card attached to that lovely arrangement.


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e said...

"Just roll with it."

That sounds like all you can do at this point in your life.

Val said...

Ditto what kl said. Continuing to send prayers your way.

poet said...

continued prayers ~