Tuesday, February 05, 2013

a domino effect

A couple days a week I actually go to an office building to work (vs. toddling down the stairs to my cozy home office in the basement) We moved into this building only about 2 years ago and at that time it was completely remodeled. The existing building was gutted and redesigned with environmental friendliness at the forefront. In fact we are one of few corporate headquarters which is LEED certified.

All around the building you can see evidence of our keen recycling efforts, smart energy use and low flow water control. This makes me happy.
In the restrooms for example everything is run on sensors -- the toilets, the water, the lights.
To dry our hands we have two options. Old school paper towels, and a high speed electric hand dryer.
I have always vacillated.
What to do, what to do?
Which method truly has the smaller environmental footprint?
I've read supporters of each method - tho honestly my research has been limited.
As I wallow in my indecision I alternate drying methods on each visit.
This way I figure it's an environmental draw.

At home last night as we were preparing dinner (which means my adorable-retired-wife is preparing food while I mill about) a story came on the radio.
We listen to the radio frequently now.  Yet another wonderful free thing we have rediscovered - since we've let go of the cable monster.

The story profiled a small company that made hand dryers. This company had been struggling and reinvented itself into success. It was a heartwarming story and the turn around saved the jobs of the small dedicated and rather hands on production staff.
I was sold.
I've been using the Ex celartor all day.
This makes me happy.

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e said...

Wait until you hear the heartwarming story of the paper towel company...