Friday, February 15, 2013



Remember to dig out any exterior vents when the snow starts to pile up.

Here we dug out our dryer vent - which is vented very low (eek... not to code) out of a basement window.

But more important than this - be VERY sure your furnace vents are free and clear. And always make sure your CO detector is working.

Oh... and also remember cars buried in the snow will have their mufflers blocked. Do not sit in a running car with the muffler blocked.


sporksforall said...

So not useful to me. Snow? Is that the soap they blow around at malls? Still and all, glad you're helping folk not take in too much CO2.

Anonymous said...

Clearing vents is a very good suggestion, especially after us of a snow blower. I make sure to clear out my neighbour's furnace vents after I do my driveway and send snow spewing to the side of his house.

- Rae