Friday, February 08, 2013



It's snowing here. Alot.

When clearing snow off the driveway and walk be sure to clear it all the way to the edge of the pavement and then even in a few inches into the lawn or garden, especially with these large snowfalls.
This way as the snow melts it seeps into the ground and doesn't puddle up on your pavement and refreeze causing dangerous slippery spots for weeks to come.

Also if you use a snow thrower - remember to keep spare shear bolts on hand. Because when you run over the NYTimes buried at the end of the driveway - the shear bolt will snap for sure.*

*i am waiting in great (evil) anticipation - as i watched my neighbors paper slowely get lost in the snow.
there will be plenty of posts to come on why i would wish such an annoyance on one of my neighbors.

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e said...

Oh, how this reminds me of those pictures of the epic snowfall you had a few years back... Hope it isn't like that this time.