Thursday, February 07, 2013

noro whoooa

Have you had the opportunity to catch the norovirus this winter.

It seems to be going around our family this week.
We suspect this may be the culprit...

This virus is highly contagious. Therefore, today as soon as I could stand up without assistance - the disinfecting began.
Smells like the YMCA in here, but we'll be safe now (shallow breaths are best).

1 comment:

elf said...

yes... beware the insanely cute babies, their power to fell even the strongest person is, like, insane.

In fact, I think wars should be fought with babies. In the Iraq war it should have been our babies against Iraqi babies. We bring our babies to cough and snot up the place. They bring their babies to counter cough and snot, then we see how many adults are still standing in the end.