Friday, February 01, 2013



It has come to my attention that since I stopped tip-o-day o so long ago that the world has gone to hell in a hand basket.

Ok so we'll start with something easy.
It's clean sheet friday.
Do you have a day of the week to wash your sheets?
You should.
I will tell you why. If you don't do it on a particular day of the week - then when would you?
When they 'need' it. Thats ridiculous. How would you know.
If you walk into your bedroom and it smells of sleep - then you've waited too long.
If you have a day of the week - there is no guessing. There is no hassle.
I like fridays because then I have my freshest sheets over the weekend. This is a treat for me.

Treat your bedroom as your sanctuary. It should smell fresh, and be tidy and well dusted. This is a place you come for complete rest and relaxation.
You cannot rest in chaos.


elf said...

Yes, it is chaos out here. Things are very messy and way out of order.

I had a day of the week I put on new sheets. Used to be Sunday. Then it became Wednesday. Now I think it's Tuesday. But I didn't do it this past Tuesday so now it might be Monday. It's fluid.

e said...

Really happy to see the tip o day coming back!