Friday, May 21, 2004


I test software for a living (hey, shhh - it pays the bills).
And these past two days I have been too immersed to blog (yes, I do all my posting and twiddling with my template at work...I am way too busy cutting the grass once I get home to even turn the computer on)
So as soon as I finish validating THIS** I will be right back.

tax_benefit_shares calculation:
~ First determine:
- TAXABLE SHARES -- (SharesOutstanding;SharesExercised;SharesCancelled)
- TAX DATE --(Issue Grant Date or Use rInput Date or Termination Expiration Date
- NQ RATIO -- ((userinput_todate - TaxDate)+1) / Days_In_Period
(only calculated when termination schedules change the expiration date)

~ using this information then calculate the :
VALUE OF TAXABLE SHARES -- SUM ((AveragePrice - FairValuePerShare - IssueGrant.OptionPrice) * TaxableShares) * (UserInput_TaxRate / 100) * NQRatio

~ then Tax Benefit Proceeds:

~then finally you can calculate Tax Benefit Shares:
IF TaxBenefitProceeds > 0 THEN
TaxBenefitShares = TaxBenefitProceeds / AveragePrice
TaxBenefitShares = 0
~ use tax_benefit_shares to determine anti_dilutive_shares_outstanding by............

HA HA HAAHAAAHAHHHA .... (<- the sound of my insanity)
also...I plan to post an 'About' page next week.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this confidential information?

Anonymous said...

*addition to last comment*
because i know there is a high demand on the calculation of dilutive shares...

weese said...

brenda is that you. oh be quiet.