Monday, May 17, 2004

Free Fish

had Fish-n-Chips Friday how good. slathered in tartar sauce. mmm.
....I digress....this fish was not free...

My fish, 'Fish', is doing well today.
As well as can be expected.
Fish is dying.
Has been dying for quite sometime now. Not really sure how he is still alive at this point.
Fish is a betta fish. He has had a fin rot disease for many months now, and has been treated on and off. He has very little actual fin left, and therefore has some difficulty staying upright and turning corners.

Fish was not actually free. Fish is the latest incarnation of my son's FREE carnival goldfish.
Evidently after winning a FREE fish, you must BUY a fishtank, BUY various tank decorations, BUY some fishfood, and of course a fishnet.

Needless to say, I am sure, shortly after these purchases the FREE fish dies.

This fish was replaced with two larger, fancier goldfish, also not FREE.
One died rather quickly, because, we learned, there was not enough oxygen in our small tank for two big fish.
So not only were these fish not FREE, but also required further trips to the pet store, sort of a post mortem investigation if you will (hmm, time = money)

Then, I killed the remaining fish by bleaching his plastic plant (it was dirty...what can I say). Really, I thought I had rinsed it well enough... oops. It being my fault, we of couse HAD to BUY another fish.

So we got this betta fish.

As expected, my son soon tired of the fish. So he lives here now, on my desk at work. Where I have since BOUGHT him a lamp - to warm his water and light his tank, some new tank rocks, a new plastic plant, and a plethora of fishy medicines to cure this horrible disease he has.

I have grown rather attached to my little aquatic buddy, my FREE fish.

For another time... we also have a FREE dog.

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Anonymous said...

Ah pets, what would life be without them? Quiet and cheap! At least my fish don't chase the cats and dogs around, bring in dead baby birds, lick me, take up half of the sofa, or bark at random noises.