Wednesday, May 12, 2004


My first posts were going to be all about me, my family, my life... get that all out up front.
Oh well, next time.
All this stuff ...happening in the news now - all this horrible stuff... I was absolutely ready to completely stop reading, watching and participating in the whole thing (not that I had a strong grasp in the first place).
But then, Beth got me thinking... damn her.
I am the epitome of "not the political type." Quite comfortable in my ignorance. My expertise lies in more important things like lawn care, cleaning products, home repair. Now, I am thinking... and so I suppose I will have to research, compare, ponder, pontificate...and finally - form an opinion...gonna be a busy day.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there - welcome to blogging. Beware the addiction :-)

Can't wait to hear about your family and life and thoughts!