Tuesday, May 18, 2004

PTown 2009

Yay for Massachusetts.
Like all good gay New Englanders we vaca in PTown every summa.
After close to 20 years of that - it has become a place we feel at home, loved, safe, passionate and peaceful.
With our wedding date already planned for 2009** - my beloved asked me last night if we could marry in PTown.
I would love nothing more.
Yay for us.

[** 2009 was selected for a multitude of reasons - the top few being:
-hopefully the laws will have caught up by then and it will actually be legal...everywhere
-we will have stopped hiding our kids college money in my name (hmm, should I have said that outloud)
-we will have been together 25 years
-we want to marry on our anniversary date, and it falls on a weekend that year


Anonymous said...

WOW, you guys have been together 20 years?? That's amazing - for gay or straight!

I have so many mixed feelings on this gay marriage thing. Right now it just doesn't help us out much unless we want to move to Mass, and really, we don't.

But, if we ever do get married I think we'll stick with our current anniversary - April 23. It's nice that time of year.


weese said...

Yeah, it doesn't help us much either.. legally.
Lots of skuttle-butt on the news today about folks from CT jumping the line to get hitched. Its all legal mumbo-jumbo that I hope they work out soon.
For me, its partially sentimental, partially economic (death tax, inheritance tax, social security benefits..etc).
Of course in the mean time... more importantly - I need to buff up the arms - for something sleevess in '09.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you stop by the Lobster Pot out in P-Town...I have fond memories from my pre-kosher days (that should be enough of a hint that you don't even need a signature on this message)

weese said...

LOVE the Lobster Pot. Must.have.chowdah.

Chowdah... not kosher - how do you do it...you are so strong.

Anonymous said...

My wife knows that I can't be left alone on 'the cape' or in Maine. Lobster is the ONLY thing I can't be trusted around. I've been off the stuff since November of '79.

"Hi I'm David...and I'm a Lobsterholic."

"Hi Dave!"