Thursday, May 27, 2004

When I was a kid.

As I was writing my ‘About’ page, I started thinking about well... ya know, me and how to describe myself. Some little thing made me think of my small self, and of course the fact that I was not a ordinary child.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard women describe themselves as ‘tomboys’, regardless of their ‘orientation’. It simply seems to be a common ...if not coveted, attribute. I think (key word here) most folks would assume I was one. I can’t tell you how many times people have said to me “So played ball in high school?”

Tomboys are typified by rough and tumble, getting dirty, climbing tree kind of activities. They are good at sports, they fist fight, they are competitive, they throw caution to the wind... me... not so much.

I was NOT an effeminate child. No dresses, no pink, no dollies, no foofy hair, didn’t get into makeup or frilly underwear (altho I have gotten better about that :o)
However, I was also terrible at sports – to this day I ‘throw like a girl’, something my son has taken great interest in correcting over the years... without much luck. I did not like to climb trees, and I simply couldn’t stand being dirty. As a child, I organized the pantry, polished with pledge, folded laundry to military standards. I liked to re-arrange the furniture in our living room seasonally, probably as young as 10. I waxed my bike. I washed my mothers car, I cut the grass in orderly patterns.
I was not a Tomboy.
And, no – I did not play ball in high school.

(Of course had I known women could use power tools as a child – I probably would have put an addition onto my mothers house.)


Anonymous said...

"As a child, I organized the panty,...."

Freudian slip?

weese said...

completely Freudian !!
I love it.
...and have since corrected it.
tee hee

Alicia said...

Damn, why couldn't you have been my sister? I would have loved to have someone to help me mow the damn lawn who would also polish the furniture!

I was a tomboy. Climbing (and falling out of) trees, covered in mud, fighting and sports. The whole nine yards. I didn't play ball in high school either, however. I thought the trombone was too cool to pass up. :)

Anonymous said...

I have to cop to bein a tomboy of the Highest Order.

Trees, mud, puddles, creeks, sports of all stripes.

Come to think of it... all those things are still in my life, to some degree.

What does that say about ME, I wonder? hehe!!

Great post!