Monday, May 24, 2004

"I'm Coming Out..."

We don't get out much. I mean that in a good way. We like to stay home.
For many of these past years our weekends have been taken up by football games, color guard competitions, pizza parties and school events. Not to mention household chores and projects - so that by evening we are happy to have a cocktail on the porch and nod off early.

Not so much anymore. And...its starting to sink in. Our weekends are now often just us. We loved every minute of every game, every competition, every carload of kids packed off to Chucky Cheese, PG movies and sporting events. But now, we seem to have a little more free time.

This weekend - we went out to a bar. Yes, a bar, with cocktails, and music and dancing and women...oh, the women.
My sumptuous wife said - its like we're coming out... again.

Better than that is what our son said.
mom - "We are getting together with friends tonight to go out to a club. We’re planning to meet up at their house around 8:00, but we are not going out until 10:00."
son - "10:00?"
mom - "They told us it wasn't 'cool' to show up at a club before 10:00."
son - "It's isn’t cool to show up at a club if your over 40"

ha! He cracks me up.

We stayed late enough to dance, just once... this time. But we had such a good time - being all grown up and out late, we are definitely going back.
Thanks to good friends - for gently prodding us old ladies to come out and stay up long enough to have such a wonderful time.

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Anonymous said...

Altho he cracks me up and I was the one friend UNDER 40, I still have to disagree with him... it is cool to go dancing with your friends at any age. After 10pm of course!