Monday, September 13, 2004


I had meant to post this on Saturday.

An email from my wife received Tue 09/11/2001 9:22 AM:
a few minutes ago, a commercial airplane crashed into the world trade center. the plane was flying directly above park passed directly above my head as i was walking from grand central. i couldn't believe how low it was flying, and then i saw the billowing smoke from downtown.

absolutely horrible. ambulances, firetrucks, and helicopters are everywhere, racing down town.

I tried to call her, but there was just that really fast busy signal, so I tried email.
I replied:
I heard the pentagon has been hit... can you get out. I can't call you!!!

received from my wife at Tue 09/11/2001 9:57 AM:
yes, the pentagon was hit too.
i heard the plane that i saw was highjacked from boston.
they've shut down lower manhattan.
they're also shutting down the subways, airports, and bridges.

i can't call you.
call [our sister in law] and find out when my parents' flight gets in.

then finally at Tue 09/11/2001 10:04 AM:
i am going to try to come home now.

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