Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Getting in touch with my masculine side

This weekend I helped my energetic wife prepare some of her extraordinary perennial gardens for winter. I don’t normally get too involved in the gardening per-se, I usually stick to the lawn. For example – we have a lovely vegetable garden which my wife plants, waters, weeds, nurtures and harvests – I eat the vegetables. Other things that would fall into my realm include say – building a fence around the vegetable garden to keep out the ‘FREE’ dog ..
(gotta remember to blog about the dog – you see there is a fence to keep the dog IN the yard, and another fence, around the vegetables, to keep the dog OUT. We have become quite proficient at fence building and repair since we got this dog…and I will cover that in more detail when I blog about the FREE dog.) But – I digress.
So my task this day was to cut back or cut down large masses of perennial flowers, which have passed their beauty and are ready to rest. I was given a pair of pruning shears to do this.

Ok, so I am about 15 minutes into this thinking, c’mon – there’s got to be a better way – there has got to be a power tool to do this, there has got to be a power tool in my own shed which can at least be modified to make this task go A LOT faster. Are you with me guys?

Coming up with nothing that I thought may be acceptable to my wife who so lovingly and gently puts her flowers to bed (yes, the weed trimmer crossed my mind – and I think if I had that blade attachment I may have been able to make a case for it)…I continued to cut and pile and dump and cut and pile and dump until I noticed a little something that needed my attention --so I went off to get a shovel and a spade, while I was in the shed I noticed that some of the tools were on the wrong hooks and when I went to move the steel rake to its proper spot I remembered I had to plant some seed along the driveway, so I started to look for the seed which was behind the 10W30 so I put some of that in the hand mower cuz I needed to cut the front lawn shortly after I went down the street to get some gas for the tractor, and probably should get that spare propane tank filled since I was gonna be out and all…

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