Friday, September 10, 2004

The burbs

Forgive me please. It was never my intention to use this blog as a place to bitch and moan. So …I don’t …well… generally.
But you know what – I am simply weary of suburbia.

I am tired of jagumbo SUV’s with full home theatre systems inside, and would you puleeezze… what. is. with. the. Humm-mers. Sheesh.
If you think the SUV’s are outta control – you outta visit the high school parking lot.
And could the houses get any bigger?
Looking for a home? Here is the new construction in my town.

I am just tired of the façade of wealth, tired of the undertones of competition, tired of meaningless pursuit of bigger and better ‘stuff’.

Bitch session over. Back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

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