Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Some days

All do-it-yourselfers have days where nothing works quite right. Every cut is off, no matter how many times you measure. Things get dropped all the time, but on these days it’ll hit your foot every time…same foot.
We all have ‘em, we can all commiserate. But compound one of these days with PMS… and you have my morning yesterday.
The woodshed did get built, but … well…it’ll keep the wood dry (after another couple hours of fidgeting with it). But its not the innovative design that I had envisioned.
Its ok, its behind the garage, I will be the only one who ever really sees it. (well, the wife may see it in daylight – but after dark, in the winter – I would be the one fetching wood, she likes to be INSIDE when its cold and dark out – right next to the wood stove, for which we are harboring all this wood).
All that aside, I had revelation later in the day which made the whole day worthwhile.
No more 4’ x 8’ s. That’s right, I am swearing off sheetrock, plywood, cement board, and any other material in that size/weight category. I am done building ‘stuff’. And I am happy.
No more remodels, no more building things in the backyard, no more heavy renovations. (well…I have one window to put in the back of the garage – but since there is a gaping hole where I took the other one out, I kinda gotta finish that up.)
I would even go so far as to say I no longer need the van… BUT – the van sure came in handy when we found the cutest little chair on sale at Pier 1 on Saturday.
Ok... so keep the van – lose the big projects.
This is my plan.

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