Thursday, January 06, 2005

Useless Pondering

On my slow ride into work this morning (the roads were slick), I had some time to ponder.
I passed a house with a sign on the front lawn for a decorating/wallpaper company - it seems they were doing work inside this house. Altho, I have no real proof of that...since I didn't see any wallpaper on the outside, or even any new paint.
Now tell me, what is the point then of the sign on the front lawn.

Do they expect me to just drop in on these folks and check out their work?
Perhaps it's that if I admire the exterior of the house I will assume they must have some terrific decorating sense and why wouldn't I want to hire the same wallpaper folks that they used.
Or maybe I am supposed to call the number on the sign and ask if they did a good job there?
Seemed odd to me.

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