Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A Wrestlers Story

As parents we are fairly involved in our kids sports – I actually plan to blog more about this later in the week... as lesbian parents we are probably …weeell… a bit over the top when it comes to our kids …and sports…and competition…and say …possible injury… --think about your mom, when you were in high school – now double her… scary huh.

But for now …a quick story from a recent wrestling match.
Ferris is a wrestler. He is a Jr. and this is his second year on the Varsity team.
His friday night match starts out and the guys are testing each other, getting a feel for who is stronger. Each trying to snap the other down to the mat. It's clear early on, Ferris is stronger. I have learned to see this moment in him; you can practically watch the realization wash over him.
His opponent is good so, even with Ferris dominating, the match is good to watch.
Coming into the second period Ferris is up by points, suddenly the other guy gets a Take Down. (For those who don’t know, you score two points for taking your opponent down to the mat and controlling him/her.)
So the guy is on top and working very hard to roll him onto his back to attempt a Pin. Ferris is calm – he is not struggling what so ever, as if he is patiently conserving energy. I turn to my clench-fisted wife and say “I think he is …waiting.”
He was. He was waiting for his moment. And when it happened… in one motion he so fluidly rolls his opponent up over his head onto his back wraps his arm around his neck for a headlock and starts to push his shoulders to the floor. Wrestlers often begin spin their opponents at this point to gain leverage to push them down for the pin …which is what Ferris started to do. As he is spinning with his opponent locked in his bent arm with no hope of escape… ever so close to the pin, he spins around to face the crowd….my wife’s telephoto lens trained on him…he lifts his head, looks straight at her – and smiles.
The crowd fell apart laughing.
Yup, that’s our boy.

(We are not yet sure if my wife’s sports lens captured the moment. I promise to post if it did)

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