Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Are you more stupider?

What the hell is the matter with us?
I was behind a school bus on my way into work this morning.

Do we not know that we need to stop for school buses any more?
Perhaps we too busy blue toothin' it with our pals to notice them?
I never really thought of it as challenging to notice a HUGE yellow bus with prominent red flashing lights. When you see the lights, you stop. Seems pretty simple.

But I stopped behind a bus this morning that was like a laser light show with props.
Now... in addition to the standard yellow and red flashing lights, they have extra lights along the top and along the bumper, this thing also had not one ...but two flip out stop signs with those little flashing lights on them, the ones that flash really fast - so either you can't miss them or they throw you into an epileptic fit. One in the front and one toward the back of the bus on the same side… you could clearly see them both from every angle – so I am just not sure why they needed two of them. Then, of course it had the new standard in school bus design – the 20 foot yellow ‘fence’ that swings out in front of the bus as it stops. These were devised because the bus driver can’t see very small children standing in front of the bus or crawling in and around the front tires... and evidently neither can the 20 parents it takes to put kids on the bus these days.

You know I am a big advocate of safety first, but before we go spending all these tax dollars on making our school busses look like Emergency Rescue vehicles… how bout we put down the coffee, hang up the phone, quit ogling in the mirror which is meant to view the road behind you... and start driving.

This has been a public service announcement.

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