Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fantasy... Football

My competitive wife and I are in a couple of Fantasy Football leagues together.
One is with some other rather competitive blog friends (you know who you are).
We aren't the only 'couple' in the league... and when a couples match-up happens - so does the smack talk. My competitive wife loves the smack talk.

Last week my competitive wife and I had our match-up...
the league smack talk started like this:

Re: Ooooo
by: Big O (words_rock) Sep 13 9:17pm
I love the "couples" match-ups. It's always such a joy in our house when my team beats Win Wit's. ;)

I don't know who to root for in the weese/wife match-up. However I think it may be a safer bet to root for MAW after seeing what she did to that tree...

Re: Re: Ooooo
by: Agador Spartacus (my wife) Sep 16 9:31am
Hey Commish, whadya say we crank this up a notch? For "couples matchup" weekends, let's combine the rules of strip poker with fantasy football. We've all got Stat Tracker... yes? All we need are WebCams.

Re: Re: Re: Ooooo
by: weese's saints (me of course) Sep 16 12:03pm
hmm, what makes me think I am gonna be the one sitting around with nothing on but a coozie on my beer bottle.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Ooooo
by: Theleastgrebes (sporksforall) Sep 16 8:44pm
I absolutely encourage naked FFB, especially for those in committed relationships. Blinds or curtains should be drawn.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ooooo
by: The Rudeboys (E) Sep 16 11:33pm
I guess that means no web cams? I want to see Weese's koozie.

[next day during the 4:00 game - I was ahead]

4:00 Status Update from MAW
by: Agador Spartacus (my wife again...) Sep 17 4:16pm
I still have my earrings on -- not much else! Pumped up for the 4:00 games. -The Naked Wife

[by the end of the day my lead is but a memory]

Re: 4:00 Status Update from MAW
by: Big O (words_rock) Sep 17 10:59pm
I trust by now you've put your clothes back on and relieved weese of hers?

This is about how our day went.

Good luck to Big O and Win Wit today.
We will want pics.

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