Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Freshman

It’s been two weeks now that Ferris has been away at school.
I think we're adjusting quiet nicely. We have spoken to him a few times already – mostly about stuff he needs. Being a parent …of course we want everything to go well for him, we are hoping he is acclimating to his new schedule, that he likes his classes – and that he is making friends of course. But having been overly doting parents for all these years, we also understand his need for independence and therefore have been judicious in our questions when we have the opportunity to ask.

So any information we do get …we try to read between the lines a bit

A good example from our conversation this past weekend:

Ferris: “How do I wash whites.”
Weese: “well… you can just separate them from your darks in a separate load.”
Ferris: “I mean, how do I use bleach. I need bleach.”
Weese: “no, no, you’ll be fine without bleach, really you don’t want to use it too often –bleach can be…. “
Ferris: “No, I need bleach. I need to get red face paint off my sheets.”

I suppose he is making friends just fine.

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