Thursday, August 02, 2007

My name is weese and I....

...drink tap water.

Yes, I do.
In great quantities.
Right out of the faucet (well... I generally use a glass)
I have been drinking tap water all my life. Remember back in the day... they used to recommend it for kids because the water was fluoridated.
Mmmm, fluoride.

These days everyone, everywhere has a bottle of water with them.

While I do agree that bottled water is great if you are on the go - I just don't see the point of drinking it when I am sitting on the patio.

My ecologically sensitive wife sent me this link today from the Times and I couldn't agree more.
In Praise of Tap Water


maxine said...

Tap water is fine and well if you happen to live where it is drinkable. In Houston, not so much. We do drink it filterd from the fridge, but not straight from the tap.

Zoe said...

I love our tap water, it taste great. If I want to take water with me, I take it in a Nalgene bottle.

j said...

Our tap water is fine. We use a filter. I re-fill plastic bottles of it to take it to work with me. Water is "free." No way I'm paying more for it if I don't have too.

SassyFemme said...

I love our tap water here, but we have a well. In San Antonio the tap water had white particles floating in it (lime?), it was nasty to drink w/o being Brita filtered first.

If we're out and really thirsty we'll grab bottled water, but 9 times out of 10 we're drinking our tap water at home.

dykewife said...

when i was a kid drinking tap water wasn't something you should do in mid summer. though technically it was safe, it tasted like crap because the source made high use of chemicals necessary. mom and dad would travel to a little regional park that had a fresh water spring and get water there in the bad summer time.

now, with chlorination, i always end up feeling more thirsty after drinking the water from the tap than from tap water. i hate chlorine and it's taste so we drink bottled water.

clammy said...

I drink beer on the patio... Mmmmm

the only daughter said...

I drink from the tap at home & work and will more often than not re-fill a bottle to take with.

What chaps me at the office, though is the $$ we pay annually for 2 coolers & 500 gallons of water. No waste as the 5 gallon jugs are returned-but the tap is just fine. I drink it all the time and quite frankly I taste no difference between that and the bottled water.

WordsRock said...

Our County water is delicious. We drink it by the gallon.