Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Signs that Ferris is adjusting to the new BIG school:

He has sampled at least 3 of the major dining halls.
"The food is good here"

He is getting along well with the new roomies.

He has crafted a velcro wall hanger for his Guitar Hero for easy access.

He made it to the biggest start-of-the-year party, as well as stop ins at various frat house parties.

His current Away message:
I'm currently in class, please do not IM me for i'm afraid it may damage the learning process of my fragel, eggshell mind.

This is all comforting.


Anonymous said...


Don't IM him.


sporksforall said...

Oh, how I wish my students here at commuter U felt as he does that IM'ing is not good for the mind, however fragel, during class.

Maria said...

Well, at least he seems to be hitting a good medium, not partying too heartily nor holing up by himself either.

And yeah....don't IM him....

WordsRock said...

What's wrong with im'ing him? Just don't act like a stalker. No mind is that fragel.

How did parents ever get by without such comforting technological strings?

Val said...

too funny...

Gunfighter said...

Ah, school daze... er, days.