Thursday, August 09, 2007

cha ching

I have no time for blogging.
I am buried in Quicken.
You know Quicken, that silly software program to help you figure out and subsequently track why you have no money in your wallet.

Well I am sucked in. I have just downloaded all my transactions since January '07, and I am categorizing them now.
I was hoping to be able to determine how much money we are spending on things like utilities, clothes and of course Ferris.
Instead, I find it's absolutely REMARKABLE how much money we have spent at the liquor store.

I do really like the whole categorizing thing... this should surprise no one.
I also really like that little cha-ching sound wave every time I enter a transaction. I wish my wallet made that sound every time I took out my debit card.


WenWhit said...

I'm giggling like a drunken fool, as I have heard that sound many, many times when Suzanne is doing her thang.

I do so hope that the reference to alcohol expenditures is not of a derogatory nature. One must have priorities!

SassyFemme said...

Some of us have line items for nails or hair, you just have one for the liquor store. :)

You have no idea how thankful I am that Fran is not into the Quicken thing!

deb said...

I used to do Quicken - until it started taking up too much of my time. Don't miss it, but I do miss the Cha-Ching!!


Val said...

This has piqued my curiousity... I may have to investigate. I like categorizing, etc... and also would like to know what we're spending money on... oh wait, guess that'd be Sophie! :)

But I WILL have to check this out anyway.

the only daughter said...

Quicken & categories...ahhh remember them well. Not sure I'll get another though.

maxine said...

You *do* have a category for the bakery?

That's right, it deserved its own category. Now go take care of it right away.

WordsRock said...

What I want to know is why you have not always been doing this!

Categorizing expenditures is a very interesting exercise indeed. Perhaps not surprisingly, I consider it almost a hobby. It's a great way to tighten up your budget, relying on previous years' actuals to plan for the future.

Personally, I classify trips to the liquor store in with the groceries. There is such as thing as too much detail. :)