Monday, August 27, 2007

New Beginning

Ferris has been successfully installed at his new school... or so we hear.
Because he is a man now - he no longer needs his doting parents to help him move in and get settled. So we helped him stuff pack up his car and waved as he pulled out of our driveway.

I am perfectly fine with this. It shows a sense of adventure and independence. In fact, I applaud it.
ok ok... I'll 'fess. The Sister-In-Law and soon to be Brother-In-Law (impending nuptials) were with him. They both work at the BIG school.

We were both very comforted by the fact that he was in very good hands.

Of course move in day with Ferris would NEVER be without some excitement. I can tell you that there were police involved and Ferris did get to meet the hall director and other campus officials - who coincidentally play on the same campus softball team with the Sister-In-Law... its so nice to be connected.

Tragedy averted, no one was injured, and the attempted theft of his laptop was foiled.

We've heard his room is nice and the food is ok...
And so now we'll adjust to our, once again, empty house.

(woo hoo ;)


maxine said...

Chef needs some of that sense of adventure. I fear I might have to actually walk him to his classroom door tonight. EB will be in the car though, and I am sure she will advocate opening the door and kicking him to the curb. We shall see.

WordsRock said...

woo hoo indeed.
Best of luck with that, weese. :)

scout said...

Cool, you have built-in spies at the BIG school! If they pop up often enough in these first weeks, he may never do anything wrong again ever! (Not to imply that he has in fact ever done anything wrong.)

SassyFemme said...

Never a dull moment for that son of yours, huh?

Enjoy the empty nest! :)