Tuesday, August 14, 2007

That's my gal

So I was having a somewhat trying morning at the office when my intuitive wife sends me this email.

So my tea bag fortune is “Your destiny is to merge with infinity.”
Why not just say, “One night you’re gonna fall asleep and never wake up”?

Phuckin’ genius.

Somehow she just knows when I need to lighten up.


WenWhit said...

There are worse things than falling asleep and never waking up... such as merging WITH an Infiniti. ;p

Those little moments of humor can really save the day, can't they? Your intuitive wife is really very special.

WenWhit said...

Err... Merging with AN Infiniti.

the only daughter said...


WordsRock said...

Tea bag fortune? Isn't that kinda stealing the thunder from those nasty little Chinese cookies?