Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Somebody shoot me.
Ferris has decided he wants new clothes before going off to his 'new' university (he has transferred to a BIG school for his sophmore year, I may at some point disclose the location of said university... or perhaps just keep watching the news and you'll figure it out yourselves.)

And... he's asked me to go along. Egad.

I will let you know how we survive make out.


Hahn at Home said...

Funny how that works. My kids did the same thing--wrap their hand tightly around my wallet, yet eschew my fashion advice.

maxine said...

Did you pack the knee brace and crutches just in case? Marathon shopping can be brutal.

WordsRock said...

Boy-shopping is great fun, isn't it?

the only daughter said...

My son and I hardley ever went together--but he always liked what I brought.

It's my daughter I had a hard time with. I just shush up and pay.

Hope it went well! :)

clammy said...

what does one wear to a BIG school?

scout said...

Color me a complete effing idiot for having decided that last week was the week to go bra shopping—an activity I loathe and therefore put off until all my bras are either completely worn out or don't even pretend to fit anymore; in this case the latter, as I found I had decreased not just the suspected one size but two, proving my above point—forgetting utterly that back-to-school shopping had overcome, if not the planet, then certainly the closest outlet center with one of those Leggs-Hanes-Bali bra superstores. (Because even when I hate shopping for something, I'm nothing if not a thorough shopper, and I like having all my options in a row.) Not that the bra store was particularly crowded, but there was an overall energy of frenzy and doom. I'm sure that won't be the case for you, though. Enjoy your shopping!