Wednesday, July 30, 2008

at least the coffee maker still works...

This is what my caffeinated wife said this morning as we were reviewing our action plan for the recent spate of mishaps.

On Saturday the tractor quit. I lifted the hood, looked in the engine, wiggled things - then called to have someone come pick it up. They offered to come get it right away, tho they could not look at it until the end of the week.
I was in a state of calm acceptance.

We came home from work yesterday afternoon to find Ferris forlorn in the living room staring at the 42" blank screen in front of him. The TV had gone lifeless. I pressed some buttons, waved the remote control around, rubbed it a little and did some internet research. I think we need some parts - hopefully we can get them in time to see murky Beijing in the glory of full High Definition.
I will order these parts in a state of calm acceptance.

Last night I went up to get ready for bed to find my handy wife pouring all sorts of concoctions down the shower drain. The room smelled like a salad bar. She plunged and poured and boiled water and plunged some more. The clog was not budging.
This morning I called the drain fellow.
He will come this afternoon, and I will wait for him in a calm state of acceptance.

How does that ad go:
Tractor needs repair - $200.00
Shower drain needs snaking - $95.00
TV needs new lamp - $280.00
calm state of acceptance - priceless

9 comments: said...

God I hate when my tractor shit's the bed! ;)

Good luck! I feel your pain!

SassyFemme said...

Your wife knows what's really important in a house!

I feel your pain. We have to (finally) call the well guy this week.

When the USA women's basketball team make the finals you need a viewing party at your house with that big HD TV! :)

Seriously, hope all gets fixed quickly, and painle$$ly.

Val said...

impressive change of attitude there, weese. Good for you AND your blood pressure.

Hope things are fixed soon and not too expensively.

Meaner Dog said...

Dang!!! It just SUCKS when everything falls apart at once. I never seem to be calm and accepting. I have a tendancy to be quite animated (not in a good way), and my potty mouth starts running.

My consolences to ya!

LostInCO said...

Calm state of acceptance... Easy to say, not so easy to do. Did blogging it out help any?

sageweb said...

Poor thing...but atleast your tv will be working by the time the Olympics start.

maxine said...

I think it is the lovely caffeinated wift that is priceless.

tracer123 said...


Hahn at Home said...

I need some of that this week with my move. I'm repeating your mantra.