Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A sign of the times.

I have been watching this particular low profile window air conditioner online for some time now - waiting for it to go on sale. We already have one and love it, it's a great little unit, and light enough for me to install alone with ease.

It finally went on sale last week.

Alas, we decided to buy a cord of wood instead.


SassyFemme said...

You know you'll be glad you did in Jan. :)

Have you considered the $20(ish) window FANS instead? You can use them to draw the warm air out during the day and pull the cooler air in at night? Did we show you the one we have in our bedroom? Using that our bedroom is the coolest room in the entire house. During the last heat wave we looked all over for another, but never found one. As I write that I realize that I should probably go look now, before it gets hot again.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

If I may ask how much is wood out there and what kind of wood do you get?

Syd said...

Guy wants to know about getting wood.


weese said...

sassy - we have one... and really its quite fine. i just thought in case of a really humid stretch we might want the ac. eh. no biggie.
Ferris has his - which he turns on in april and turns off in september. its handy for parties - its like having an extra fridge.

guy - today.. 1 cord (seasoned, split and delivered)is 200 bucks. crazy as that sounds. last year it was more like 150. we are hearing it will go above 300 before the burning season starts. we buy 'hardwood'. so that will generally be mostly maple and some oak around here.

syd - *snicker*