Monday, July 07, 2008


Welp. Looks like we have a cat.

Our little feral kitty, locked up in confinement for 8 weeks, is now FREE.
We opened the doors Friday and waited. She popped out of her kitty door and walked around the back of the garage like she owned the place. (I know this because I was sitting in a lawn chair waiting.)

We have seen her exploring around the barn/garage, up around the house and out into the yard a little bit all weekend. And then she comes right back to nap on her shelf in the garage.

The world is her oyster (or rodent... as it were).

But wait, there's more.
Meet Jasper.

Jasper is The Daughter The Therapist and Her Handsome Beau's newest addition to their family. Last year they rescued Sophie, and this past weekend scooped up another little feral.


kitty litter said...

vewy smart kitty

Val said...

Great about the FREE cat. She doesn't even begin to know how great she has it....

LOVE the name Jasper and if he isn't the cutest little thing. Congrats to the new parents (and grandparents!) ;)

SassyFemme said...

Aw, you're grandmas again, how cute!

Not in the least bit surprised that Sorsha (sp?) knows she's got it good and is sticking around. Is she coming near you guys yet?

Zoe said...

Smart cat, I'd stay where there's food and shelter too. If I were a cat that is.

Cute kitten too.

tracer123 said...

They grow on you, cats, luckily not literally.

WordsRock said...

Feral cat shows good sense. Congrats!

As for that widdle bittie kittie.... just awwwwwwww