Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am not a gamblin' woman

But that's what I feel like trying to secure an oil price this season.

I have been on the phone for a week, comparing prices and companies and additional costs, it's alot of leg work.
Then, of course, we need to actually make a decision.

If I lock in now, will the price go down?
If I take the capped price will the prices flat line?
If I lock in with a new company will the service be the same?

Auuughhhh... the pressure.

What's your oil price?


eb said...

Oil? I can get an oil change in my car for $14.99. That's all we need oil for down here.

Maria said...

Me too...don't use it except to fuel my car and that is depressing enough.

Syd said...

Would you believe that Ann's was the first oil tank I'd ever seen? Sorry, I can't help.

Meaner Dog said...

Huh?? Oil? Only in the car, but I promise you it is going back up. Big Time!! Just can't say when.

SassyFemme said...

I've been doing a TON of reading on oil through Reuter's business site. The last time we had to get the tank filled I followed that, watching it, knowing the price would go up or down a day or two later than how the market stood. Back in July I did a lot of calls, getting info. on prices for the heating season. Based on what I learned from the quotes they gave me back then, where the market is now, and what the analysts say, I think we're going to NOT lock in any rates or caps, and take it as it is when we need it. We don't want to end up paying more in the long run, which I'm afraid would happen if we locked now. Although, the prices are looking very good right now, with it closing at or around $100/barrel this week. We do go with a company that gives us a discount if we pay in cash upon delivery, so that helps.

All that said, what prices are you hearing? Maybe I should call around again. How's that for decisive with our plan? :)

Anonymous said...

i'm hoping you and sassy will blog your prices therefore saving me from having to do the research

weese said...

funny KL.
the lowest price I found was with Standard. They are by far the biggest company in this area.
Tho... I called my company, who is a bit smaller, and reminded them i have been with them for 20 years.
we came to an equitable agreement.

o and Sassy... if you choose a 'capped' plan the price will fall with the market price - it simply won't rise over the capped price. the problem with that this year is they are now charging a fee for such a priveldge.
There is a woman here at work who also just 'rides' the prices. She said she really got burned last year. (i was capped at 2.99 last year). Its a gamble either way.

I have been getting prices from 3.72 up to 4.00. they fluctuate daily.

Val said...

Also, happy that I don't use oil for heat, so as to avoid this. Sorry that you do.

On a side note: perhaps this is also another HINT that you need to find a nice condo where you don't have to worry about it! :)

weese said...

ummm... what - you don't heat your condo? or does someone else pay for it??

LostInCO said...

This is interesting because I haven't thought of heating with oil since I was a kid. We don't use oil around here either.

Anonymous said...

Your post reminded me of the big oil tank we used to have on the side of our house when I was a kid, and warming my bottom in front of the heater after a nice hot bath.
Oil has long been replaced by natural gas here, or reverse cycle air conditioning. Some people still have wood burning fire though