Wednesday, September 17, 2008

líricas instrumentales

I don't generally listen to music unless I am home and my melodious wife puts it on. She often does this, and I enjoy it immensely. I like her selections, and the way she strings certain songs together. Now, of course, there are certain songs that whenever I hear them I think of her.

But when I am on my own, I am pretty content with quiet. I rarely listen to music at work, and even more rarely in my car. Some folks say they like to listen to music while cleaning the house. I prefer silence. The act of cleaning is like meditation to me. And so I enjoy the gradual lessening of the chatter in my head as I go about the rote and caring tasks of housecleaning.

I have recently discovered however, that I can enjoy music here at the office - if it's instrumental. Lyrics tend to distract me from what I am doing, while music alone actually seems to help me to focus.

Not only that, but I have found that listening to music in other languages is just as good. Even better at times. I can truly enjoy the vocal performance... as an instrument, rather than get all caught up in some sappy story.

Y tan aquí me siento en mi escritorio en mi cubículo caliente, oscuro escuchando las canciones en Español, Italiano y Francés y gozando de ellos inmenso.



maxine said...

Try cesaria Evora. Do you need me to send you a cd?

LostInCO said...

Bueno! I love musica en Español!

Maria said...

I'm much the same myself. But, since I live with a musician, when she is home, the music is ON.

Val said...

Wow... no music. even in the car? huh.

When I hear songs, they can bring me back to where i was when I first heard it and who was with me, etc... it's like the soundtrack of my life.

But hey - glad your musical wife brings it into your life at times. And i agree on having music without words when working - - i listen to NPR at work most days and love the classical stuff. Nice.

SassyFemme said...

Josh Groban is my "total focus" music. It's instrumental, some in another language, and the most amazing voice. Anytime I'm stressed or overwhelmed at work, or just need to block out the world, I pull his music up.

Meaner Dog said...

I don't usually listen to music in the car either. I like it to be quiet while I ponder. On some road trips, I do like music, and like Val, certain songs take me back in time.....memories!!! I recently went to a get-together with friends I went to high school with. There was a karaoke machine. God, I sang like an idiot, and feel sorry for everybody who listened to me. But we did have fun!!!