Monday, September 15, 2008


Just mention squirrels this year and it seems every one concurs that they are going crazy around here.
The gathering and foraging is at an all time high – but then so is the mortality rate.
There are squished squirrels around every turn.
At first I attributed all the accidental deaths to the crazed preparation for the impending cold. I have read that when squirrels forage this early and fervently that it means we’ll have a hard winter. I assume there is alot of competition for those tasty, long lasting winter nuts and with that comes high anxiety. So I suppose a few casualties seems unavoidable.

That was until I witnessed the squirrelacide.

I was on my way into work one morning when I noticed the car up ahead brake as a squirrel ran across the road in front of it.
Whew, I thought – close call.

That’s when he turned around and ran right back across the road in front of my car.
I looked in my rearview mirror and saw him sitting on the side of the road.
I imagine he was waiting for the next car to come along.

Is it the pressure of finding enough food that’s driving them to take their lives?
Perhaps the anxiety of the long hibernation makes it too hard to go on.
I suppose it could also be sport – tho they don’t seem too accomplished.

Ah, but the threat of a long hard winter can cause anxiety… even madness.
We have been stocking up on firewood since August; we’ve got piles and piles of it with another cord on the way.
But if you see me start to run across traffic for sticks – could you give my patient wife a call and ask her to up my meds?


maxine said...

Perhaps rather than sport it is a bit of natural selection thinning the herd. gaggle. posse.

sageweb said...

Oh poor crazy squirrels...wonder why they don't travel south for the warm weather.

SassyFemme said...

Maybe acorns are like the squirrel version of crack, and they just don't have their poor little heads on straight.

Maria said...

God, so many dead squirrels on the roads.

A long winter,huh?

Sheeet. Didn't we just have one of those last year? Sometimes I think that living on the prairie is insanity....kind of makes me want to run in front of a car.

Jul said...

I'm thinking there is such a phenomenon as squirrel suicide. Sometimes I swear they run across the road on purpose...

Babs said...

as long as they don't come in my house!

Meaner Dog said...

Have you seen that insurance commercial with the squirrells? Maybe they're practicing for an audition.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Remember they are tree rats. Don't be fooled by their fluffy tails, they are rats none the less.

WordsRock said...

Piles of firewood, we have those ourselves! Ah, winter approaches!

The squirrels have not yet begun their suicidal frenzy in our neck of the woods, but their active foraging is certainly keeping Pixie busy in our backyard!

LostInCO said...

I feel bad for them. All running around, scattered, searching for food.

Hahn at Home said...

I think it was the collapse of Lehman Brothers. They were heavy investors in nut commodities.

Anonymous said...

I think they are adolescent squirrels taking adreneline rush risks to impress their buddies (who are just out of sight, drinking beer and chewing tobacco).

otter said...

Poor squirrels.