Friday, July 17, 2009



Have you ever gotten that paralyzed feeling from some silly, seemingly daunting, project.
Perhaps it's straightening out the basement, or weeding the garden, or in my case currently.... filing.

Sometimes - my filing gets ahead of me. And so it waits.
Piling up.
It waits until I find this non-existent block of time... perhaps a rainy day, or maybe a blizzard where I am certain I will just make a cup of tea and sit down and plow through it.

um.. shyeah.. not gonna happen.

Does that happen to you?

So try this.
Just do a little.
No, really... just set a tiny little goal.

Today I filed a handful of papers.

You can't tell from looking at my piles.

But I know there's less now.

And I feel good.


KMae said...

Yes, I just put my paper piles in files & threw the rest away!
ahhhh. I can breathe again!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever banged your head on that ceiling?

Jen said...

Baby steps...makes it doable.

Anonymous said...

I keep telling myself that I'm going to clean out closets and get things ready for a yard/tag sale, but I've yet to do it.

e said...

Earlier this year I took an entire week off work to make a dent in the crap stored in the basement. I took three truck loads to the dump! Sadly, it's not done.

But, that's really good advice about doing a little bit at a time. It does feel as if you are getting something rather than nothing done...