Saturday, October 27, 2007

27 on 10/27/2007

Our little Peanut.

Can you really be 27?

May your birthday be covered in kitties.

Happy Happy Birthday!


Syd said...

Hell! May *my* birthday be covered in kitties.

Your kids don't read this blog do they?

SassyFemme said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!

weese said...

ha... yes Syd. My daughter does.
You have nothing to worry about. Remember she was raised by my wife.

Val said...

Happy Birthday, daughter! May have you many more, with and without kitties!

clammy said...

Was that first picture taken on her birthday? And is that your broom behind her in that picture?

weese said...

why yes. thats my broom :)
the picture was taken ...near her birthday. the broom and pumpkin are signs it was near Halloween.
And we had just gotten those two little kitties.

eb said...

She's not a peanut anymore. Now she's a cashew. Or perhaps a walnut. No, she can be a walnut when she's 40.

Happy birthday Cashew!

the only daughter said...

happy happy joy joy! ! ! :)