Saturday, October 06, 2007


Thanks for all the great nail tips... tho after tomorrow I won't need them.
Seriously...these things have to come off.

Despite the fact that I can't pick things up, button my own buttons, or type anymore... we've been busy with wedding preparations this week.

Today was the rehearsal dinner, and tomorrow is the wedding! (which basically means two more days till I can cut my nails... oo am I dwelling a bit).

In the meantime - here's a quick tip-o-day ...

If you're using clear glass vases for your table center pieces - be sure to wash them thoroughly before filling. To get them spot free, wash in super hot water. Thick dish washing gloves are a must for this task.

I love these blue ones. They are thick enough so I can use dishwater over 200°.

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Teresa said...

I wonder if the tradition of women growing their nails long can be likened in any way to Chinese foot binding, which the culture of the time viewed not only as beautiful but as an expression of a woman's prestige and wealth—because having one's feet crippled certainly rules out a lot of menial labors, including the need to walk rather than being carried wherever one needs to go. Long nails make it impossible to perform farm or factory work, therefore a woman with long nails must be from a non-laboring class—or so the thinking might have gone in early– to mid–20th century America. By this point, of course, minimum-wage employees have developed highly adaptive styles of, say, punching register keys at a fast-food joint.