Tuesday, October 16, 2007

FREE dog

That's not the title of the post - its a classified.
Do you want a FREE dog? Really. FREE. I will even drive her over.

free to a good home

Or...perhaps if you just call her out the back door she will show up.
That's because she has pretty much rendered the fence useless.
She has somehow figured out how to bend the chain link fence up to create a hole big enough to fit through.

Her first attempt was futile - because there was a wood pile on the other side.

I thought...how smart can she really be if she didn't think that through - so I wasn't worried.
Of course now I realize this was probably just a test hole.

The next time she did it, I thought perhaps the fence had already been loose in that area. So I just grabbed a chain from the garage to fix it temporarily.

Then she did it again.

Now understand that the fence is attached to a 2 inch bottom rail with thick metal twist tie things. They are wrapped around tightly and then twisted several times.
I am trying to figure out how she is getting those off. I have these images of her out there at night in the deep dark of the back yard, working on them one at a time. Every so often glancing up furtively at the house to see if we are watching. Kind of like a well planned prison break. Then, of course, during the day when we are all out in the backyard together she completely ignores the fence so as not to draw attention to her work... clever that one.

This time I used some bungee cords and rope.
I knew this fix was temporary and that it was time to call in professional help.
Yes, I really thought it would hold... at least for a week.
Silly weese.
Here is what happened on Saturday.

My clever and exasperated wife shored up this hole with some garden fencing we had laying around.

So now we have wire, rope, bungees, chains, and cables keeping the fence together.
And FREE dog has to be monitored during her time out in the yard.

The fence guy came by on Sunday. He says he's never seen anything like this.
He stared, and shook his head, and asked several times what type of dog she was.
He'll be back this week to repair and replace large parts of the fence.

Tho I am just about ready to open the gate and call it a day.


Anonymous said...

Holy Shit. There has to be some way of renting her out to demolition companies and making some money

WordsRock said...

Well. Let's look for the bright side. At least FreeDog doesn't dig holes under the fence?

the only daughter said...

quite the industrious pup, this FreeDog.

Zoe said...

Man, there must be some really green grass on the other side of that fence.

maxine said...

I can offer first hand testimony of having witnessed FreeDog in all her glory. kitty litter, your first sentence is onto something Weese needs to elaborate on FD's escapade on Saturday around the neighborhood.

SassyFemme said...

OMG, I just can't get over that. Does she not feel any pain in her mouth chewing fencing like that? It has to be sticking in and cutting it.

weese said...

O sorry, did I forget to mention that she came home covered in sh*t.
Yeah... she's a roller.
PLUS - she is afraid of water.

SassyFemme said...

This rolling in sh*t thing... surely it must be doggy baggage remnants from before she became your dog. YOUR dog would never roll in anything nasty, dirty or smelly. In fact, the only thing I can picture a dog of yours rolling in would be fine linens! ;)

Teresa said...

Scout the dog had a few outside adventures himself during his first few months here. We have a wood slat fence and he simply found the weak spots. There hasn't been a jailbreak in several months now—and by jailbreak I mean, of course, that he busts out of the backyard and then meets us in the front yard—so I'm optimistic that it was just some nervous puppy transplant energy. Maybe FREE dog is going through his breaking-in phase as well? I hope.

sporksforall said...

Does Free Dog have a name other than Free Dog? I have nothing to add on the fence.

Scout did wait in the front yard one day because he was bereft at my having taken biscuit to the groomer. When we got home, he just trotted in the back with her. I don't think he played in the street.