Monday, October 08, 2007


Well... yes, cutting the nails was amazing -- but really I referring to the wedding.

Ok, so did you want some pictures of the wedding? Yeah -- me too.
I actually brought two cameras - and never really touched either one.
So I'll have to wait until someone else posts some somewhere.

For now - we just cracked open our first 'hair of the dog'.
More on that later...


Val said...

nah... that pic of your hand with recently 'shorn' fingernails was enough for me!
JEESH woman, of COURSE, we wanna see some pics from the wedding. And not just of the bride, but what YOU and the lovely Mrs were wearing to match your LONG painted nails!

Process said...

I am really impressed that you grew your nails. I cannot stand my nails being longer than, oh, about an eighth of an inch. It's one of the things I like about being a lesbian--I'm supposed to have short nails!

SassyFemme said...

Oh we must have more pics than that, particularly ones of you ladies all dressed up!

Jen said...

I assume you are refering to our beloved PNW microbrews! I highly recommend Fred (for some reason I gravitate towards high alcohol beers) and Adam as delightful dessrt beer! It brings back memories of my dog, Fred the Dog...I may have to post about beer and dogs now.

weese said...

yes pics.. i am still waiting to get some. there were many cameras there - so hopefully pictures will emerge soon.
not to worry... the whole family was included in the photographers formal shots after the ceremony.
i also remember the photographer being right out there on the dance floor with us as well.