Monday, October 01, 2007

Femme Fatale

Ladies, ladies, ladies...
how do you do it?

The Sister-In-Law is marrying The Brother-In-Law this Sunday. We are all very excited.
So as part of my wedding accoutrement (yes.. blatent over use of one of my favorite words) I have been growing my nails. The will look FABulous with my outfit. I am wearing black and silver... it's Tahari... I am having my hair cut on Thursday, eyebrows done Friday... wait till you see the shoes.
I am so down with that whole butch-femme thing.

But Oh. MY. Goodness... the nails are making me INsane.

First, there is the maintenance. I have been keeping them polished - because it keeps them strong and frankly at this length I think it looks better.
The time commitment for painting nails is ridiculous. We can put a man on the moon but it takes HOW long for nail polish to dry(flawlessly)? At least when I am painting ...say the garage doors... I can go do something else while I wait for the paint to dry.
But this... THIS requires I do absolutely nothing for the entire dry time. One slip-up and the entire finish is ruined. Do you have any idea how impossible it is to keep weese still for any more than 10 minutes? I have a very short attention span.

Ok so there's that...

Then you have to deal with them just being there. Typing becomes a chore, the remote control takes concentration, and dialing my cell phone is simply silly to watch. Not to mention trying to use hand tools or even just chores around the house.

My Monday morning... a nice tall mimosa, perhaps a breakfast scone, and the nail clippers.


Zoe said...

Not to mention the other and most important "thing" you shouldn't be doing with those nails.

Val said...

Thanks for sharing. I was going to ask you about your nails when I saw you for our beach walk, but thought maybe I didn't remember you being the long nail type... glad to see that it's just a silly wedding phase you're going thru!

Seriously, I give you credit for doing it though. TOO much maintenance for me - and never could I deal with nail polish! Forget about the drying time, the WEIGHT of the polish makes me crazy!!!

Post pics on the day of the event of your 'look', please!

Trop said...

I keep mine short, and have my manicurist paint "French tips" that give the illusion of length. It's the best of both worlds.

the only daughter said...

At one time I tried. Now I absolutely cannot, will not be bothered. Ever. Well, unless/until one (or both) the the kids marry and they insist. ;)

maxine said...

I have acrylics on at the moment, but they are in the process of going. Just remember your new nails are not convenient little screwdrivers! or scrapers, etc.

I think while your polish is drying it might be a good time for MAW™ to do a Reiki adjustment. I bet you would sit still for that.

sporksforall said...

My my. No way I'd do that.

Syd said...

Love the hand shot. You have very pretty hands/nails, btw.

Can't do the whole nail thing. I tried it, but hated it.

chapin said...

I'm amazed...way to go. Like the others I've tried over the years but it just ain't gonna happen. Just think if I really let them grow I could use them as a weapon on the chalkboard. :-)

r.d. said...

sexy but dangerous-

SassyFemme said...

LAMO at this!

Weese, dear, the nail polish drying time is significantly reduced with the corrent top coat. The one my nail girl uses takes 5-10 mn., at the most, and it's dry. Your nails do look fabulous, btw!

I've had fake nails for so long now that I can't do anything when one of them breaks, it feels naked. Typing/texting is much easier for me with nails, although I keep mine relatively short. Squared rather than rounded also seems to make things better, and avoids OTHER unpleasant issues, which should otherwise be quite pleasant.

Looking forward to seeing pics of you both in your wedding dress-up!

dykewife said...

as a former nail biter, i empathize with you. I can't have my nails any longer than the tip of my finger. they interfere with typing too much otherwise. my nails "would bend in a strong wind" (an actual quote describing the wussiness of my nails) so growing them out isn't just a chore, it rarely happens because they usually break at the edge and peel.

have fun at the wedding. you know, while you're waiting for your nailpolish to dry you should have a certain someone massage your shoulders, massage your toes...or something :)

WenWhit said...

The nails are no problem for the knowledgeable and skilled, Zoe. ;)

All the same, weese my dear, I prefer YOU with short nails. ;p

Zoe said...

True enough Wen, but...yeah. No.

SassyFemme said...

Looking at my comment and sighing. It would be nice if I proof-read once in a blue moon.

WordsRock said...

Just call it SassySpeak. I didn't even notice until you pointed it out. :)

As for those nails: couldn't wouldn't shouldn't. I'm far too lazy to maintain long nails!

Maria said...

I have short bitten to the quick nails. It is my one huge habit. I bite my nails when I am reading, thinking hard, you name it.

I think your nails look fabulous.

But...keep in mind that while it feels good sometimes to have nails scratching down your back a bit, having them scratch you other places can really, really...sting.

Just a friendly little suggestion from someone who told Bing that if she didn't clip her nails, it was over, missy.

KMae said...

I agree with Sass about the squared off tips, also they don't break as much as when rounded.
The best time to polish (mine are bright red!) is at night before going to bed when you can read a book, magazine &/or watch TV & fall asleep.
Another tip is to rub baby oil on top if you think they aren't dry enough.
Touch up the chips with a fresh coat & they polish will get thicker, & remember to polish underneath the tips - that way they chip less AND don't hurt in tender places!
Enough with nails 101!
Your hands look fabu!