Thursday, June 04, 2009

Opposites may attract, but...

My companionable wife and I do most things together. We truly enjoy each others company and generally make a good time doing the most mundane of errands.

That said – there are things we not only do on our own because we enjoy our individuality ….but frankly there are just some things that the other doesn’t want to do.
For example – I am not a good craft store pal. I get impatient and grumpy. I just don’t understand the laboring over subtle shades of blue beads.

My creative wife on the other hand is not really a great Home Depot buddy. While she is perfectly happy going with me – she tends to wander off …which then takes quite some time roaming around the store to find her once again (often with a cart full).

This past weekend my adorable, wandering wife accompanied me to said Home Depot where… included on our list would be some considerable contemplation in the toilet repair aisle.
Before we left home I assessed the dire toilet situation – took some measurements, poked around and was fairly prepared to look for the items I thought I might need.

So there we are in the plumbing aisle. My somewhat disinterested wife next to me while I pondered washers and hosing and such. After a short time of me wondering whether I could get away with the 9” tubing since the 8” was not available, or perhaps I should go longer to make a loop…but not too long… – she declares –

“Wait… this fixes 90% of toilet problems”

I turn… in disbelief… to see her holding a brightly colored box… a kit if you will.
A kit.
90% of the problems.
As I hold my handful of little washers and bolts.

“Lemme see that…”

So we took the brightly colored kit home (along with a couple of the individual parts…just in case).

Worked like a charm.

Somehow I doubt I’ll ever be able to reciprocate in the bead aisle at Michael’s.


e said...

That's funny :-)

So, while wandering around, your wife is actually paying attention!

Michael's however... that's a different thing altogether. Good luck!

Dawg said...

Very funny! She's a super star for going with you ... as are you for going with her.

I love craft stores, thankfully so does hottie.

sageweb said...

What about the other 10% of tolet problems? Is there another kit for that?

maxine said...

I think eb needs to go to Homo Depot with you and MAW and I need to head to Michael's. They have a newly unveiled yarn department!!

The Guy Who Writes This said...

You could have emailed me and I would have told you what you needed.

KMae said...

I really like both places.
But I also get bored in both places after about 40 min.

LilliGirl said...

I love Home Depot and I wander dangerously too, can't get with the craft stores though. I suspect they are too dangerous.

Trish said...

so, MY less than HomoDepot talented wife asked me after I read this to her "So, is she going to SHARE what this product was?!?!?!". Ya know, just in case MY wife wants to save the day next time!

And don't sell yourself short in Michael's. It's a LOT like HD, you just have to know what the intended purpose is with the project. Same interesting solutions at HD can be utilized at M's---just use that analytical HD brain at M's.

Anonymous said...


Craft stores give me hives, as does Homo Depot. I much prefer the home decorating, clothing and shoe stores.

Sage, I think Immodium is the fix for the other 10% of toilet problems.