Wednesday, January 03, 2007

kill a watt

Here in CT they plan to raise our electric rates by somewhere near 50% over the course of the next year.

That's alot for watts.

We have never been very mindful of our electric usage. We tend to turn on lights in rooms we are not in or leave computers running we are not using. Forget Ferris. His room is a watt-fest. Everything is running all of the time... tv, playstation, computer, lights, phones... I think he even plugs himself in to recharge. more.
My frugal wife and I are taking action.

We are discovering there are alot of things plugged in, sucking power for no good reason. Do we need a clock on the wall on the stove on the microwave on the coffee maker? I don't think so.

You do know all of your appliances are gobbling up kilowatts just waiting for you to turn them on? They sit in a ready state, plucking dollar bills from your wallet - just so you can push a button from across the room to turn them on. Well, I am not that lazy.

We'll start by putting some appliances on power strips. This way we can control when they start sucking energy. Several of the appliances with clocks will simply be unplugged until we need them. We will also be switching over to fluorescent bulbs where ever we can.
And lastly... we'll send Ferris back to college where we more than cover any of his electrical expenses.

Oh, and my watt-conscious wife wants to get this device.

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