Monday, January 08, 2007

Our reality show

My mom came over yesterday to watch the Patriots game in HiDef on our big TV.
My mom LOVES the Patriots.
Its like they are all her kids...she seems to know how they are feeling, what kind of mood they are in, who is friends with who. She said one day that she thought they lost because Tom Brady looked tired, and maybe he was fighting off a cold.

While she was there I demonstrated how easy it is to record shows using the DVR. I think it would be easier for her to use than her VCR.
Since I wanted to record it anyway, I used the L W0RD as an example (10:00 is just so late, so we didn't watch the premier yet - possibly tonight).

When she asked what the L W0RD was, I replied. "It's a show about rich, successful, extremely attractive lesbians all living in the same city in California. They all know each other, hang out at the same places and can walk to each others houses all day when most people are actually working... you know - just like real life."

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