Monday, January 29, 2007

Our Old House

Nothing is ever easy here.

The new oil tank is being installed today.
Here is our old one. The heating guy said this tank is probably 70 years old being the original tank from when the house was converted from coal.

Yes, it's a stone basement. I believe the floor used to be dirt. But at some point an inch of concrete was poured down there.

Because of the lack of a separate entrance to the basement and the narrow stairs... today's project will be a challenge.
The fellows who are doing the install tho are familiar with these issues. We live in an old farm house - and there are many in these parts (sprinkled in with the McMansions), so they have a plan.
First, the old tank will be drained and washed clean. The oil, about 175 gallons, will be stored in drums and tansferred to the new tank.
Then they will cut the old tank to fit it up and out the stairs.

Our new tank will be slightly smaller, 22" wide, and 240 gallons rather than the standard of 275.
Here it is in the driveway.

Fitting the 22" tank down the narrow stairs is still really just a theory. If it won't go - we can actually get two small tanks which they can tandem.
We are really hoping this is not necessary tho, as it jacks up the price by a grand.

I told my frugal wife not to worry - I would find a way to get this tank down the stairs no matter what... I will start taking down walls if I have to.

They will also need to replace our vent line, as its not up to code (really... in this house... what is).
This will require widening the outlet through our stone basement walls. I hope this works out easily. But with this old house - I wouldn't put money on it.

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