Thursday, May 10, 2007

A creak in the floor

The floor creaked as I walked the hall last night. Our floors creak easily.
I like creaks.
I have always found them comforting.
I got to wondering what other people thought about creaks in the floor.

This creak was right in front of Ferris’ room. He is home for the summer and fresh off finals, so sleep grabbed him early.
I wondered if he heard these creaks. The creaks of his mom and me paddling about getting ready for bed. Perhaps they woke him slightly, or perhaps they were simply unconsciously noted. I wondered if they comforted him. Those cuddly sounds of home.
I wondered about people who might not like creaks. Imagine the tiny victim of child abuse cringing at the creak of approaching terror.
I wondered about those who might think to fix the creaks- and of course wondered how they might fix them.

I would not fix them.
To me… these creaks are part of the sounds and smells and tactile feelings of home.
These creaks bring me joy.


Val said...

I agree with you that creaks can be comforting - espeically in a home where you've lived for a long period of time.

I'd guess that Ferris isn't even aware of the creaks, but in 20 yrs if he were to come to that home to visit with his family, those creaks would bring him back to his youth and it would bring him comfort.

Amaya said...

What a great observation. For me, creaks are meant to be in older homes. It's a sign of being lived in. Those floors have seen a lot of life, and what a celebration that is.
In my case, when I go home, I like to hear the sound of the water hitting the shower wall as I'm falling asleep.

Lisa said...

Hi. The house I grew up up in use to creak all the time. It was an old wood house. I never got use to it. I wished I found them comforting like you speak of. No creaks now. :-)

Zoe said...

I love the creaks of our old bungalow. I love knowing where they are and I intentionaly seek them out. Creaks are one of the things that makes our house our home.

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

I hate the creakiness of the hardwood floors. It just makes it sound old to me. Even more irritating is the creaking is at its worst right around the entrance to the bathroom. It's seriously loud enough to wake people. I hate it. I wish I could just WD-40 it and be done with it.

the only daughter said...

I adore my creaky floors, although, I do wonder if the creakiness signals an uninvited visit to my downstairs neighbor somewhere in the future.

WenWhit said...

I'm going to speculate that Mrs. Weese has been working a little more of her magic on you. ;)

SassyFemme said...

I love creaks. There's character with them, history. I can still remember the creaks in house I grew up in. Those were comforting sounds. One of the stairs at our home in TX creaked. It was our sign that Jen was home when we'd wake up to the sound of the creek. I think she might have started skipping that step, if the door didn't also creek. I love hearing the creeks of this house, and there are many. It's the sound of life, and love, in the house.

SassyFemme said...

Yeah, I really do know the difference between creak and creek. I just don't bother to proofread. Duh me!

maxine said...

Lovely post, but someone has to call bullshit. You would most certainly fix them if you knew how.

WordsRock said...

I'm green with envy that your boy is home already.

Love this post.

treppenwitz said...

Without a doubt one of the best posts you've ever put up here (and that's saying something!).

Makes me proud to be your blogfather. :-)