Tuesday, May 15, 2007

a restful place

I am in the office today... for my health.

I know if I were home today I would be trying to clean that damn basement on crutches.
Yesterday I found that I could push the laundry basket around the house. See, you just balance on the good leg with the opposite crutch, then using the free crutch you... ok, well you can see why I came into work.

The pain is minimal today, which is too bad really - because I've got some awesome opiates.


WenWhit said...

LOVE the sidebar story, Weese. That Ferris is a good one.

Don't be a dumbass - about trying to do too much or employing the opiates. ;pd

Syd said...

Come one Weese, you know the left over drugs are for recreation.

David said...

If you play the sympathy card well enough you might be able to get the coworkers to spring for lunch (seeing as you are too weak/crippled to provide for your own nourishment). ;-)

Trop said...

That boy Ferris is handy in an emergency, eh? Glad the pain isn't so bad. Take it easy and enjoy those opiates while you can... just don't enjoy them too much.

weese said...

weese loves opiates.
opiates are fun at work.
(right on Syd...)

moos said...

Ahh - I found that crutches worked well for moving cows. I was a lot slower than them, though.

Hope that you're feeling okay - opiates onboard or not.

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

The office is definitely a good refuge. It's good for escaping the weather as well.

I initially typed "the office is a good refuse"... do you think it was intentional?